CRO CUP 2019 / Details

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Logo Date Saturday, 2019-03-30
City    Mala Subotica
Address Osnovna Škola Mala Subotica, Glavna ul. 55, 40321 Mala Subotica
Entry deadline Thursday, 28 March 2019 23:59 (Expired)
Contact Dejan Slukić
00385 91 524 3580

KK Globus Čakovec

Total entries / clubs / countries 742/56/7   Print
Entry fee Per entry
Individual 120,00 Kn (16,00 €)
Team - Kumite 200,00 Kn (26,00 €)
Team - Kata 150,00 Kn (20,00 €)


Arrival and registration 09:00
Opening ceremony
Kata 10:00
Kumite  12:30
*Time table will be published day        before competition  

All the necessary information conserning each competitors is obtained from passport or official document. Organiser are absolved of any claims, which may arise however so caused. Clubs and competitors accept this terms with registration of competitors. In case there is less than 4 competitors in one categorie organizer has right ot join categories. International referries are welcome with payment of 70€.

KATA B and C category (...-KB and ...-KC) - possibility to repeat same kata thru whole competition
Boys/Girls 6,7 years Heian/Pinan/Gekisai 1
Boys/Girls 8,9 years
Heian/Pinan 1-2, Gekisai 1-2
Boys/Girls 10,11 years
Heian/Pinan 1-3, Gekisai 1-2
Boys/Girls 12,13 years
Heian/Pinan 1-5, Gekisai 1-2
KATA open 

Boys/Girls 6,7 years
Heian/Pinan/Gekisai 1-2
Boys/Girls 8,9 years
Heian,Pinan 1-5/Gekisai 1-2; semifinals, finals, 2 last rounds of repachage master kata allowed (but not obligatory)
Boys/Girls 10,11 years
WKF rules (Heian/Pinan/Gekisai and master katas allowed, each round different kata)
Boys/Girls 12,13 years
WKF rules (Heian/Pinan/Gekisai and master katas allowed, each round different kata)
Cadets, Juniors, Seniors WKF rules

KUMITE:  Boys/Girls (6-9 years): 1 minute
                Boys/Girls (10-13 years): 1,5 minute
                Cadets, Juniors, Seniors - WKF rules

In kata B and C categories competitors are performing kata at same time.
In kumite team categories there is no repechage.

Participatory medals for all competitors in U8 and U10 ages.
Medals, cups for team categories + big cup for best club.
Ranking system for best club: 1st place = 3 points, 2nd place = 2 points, 3rd place = 1 point.
Club organizer (KK Globus) is not in competition for best club.


Documents for download

  1. Bilten / Bulletin: CRO-CUP-2019-Bilten-Bulletin.pdf
  2. Satnica - Time Table: Time-table-Cro-Cup-2019.pdf